FirstArt Christian Academy    Preschool is located in
Brighton United Methodist Church
Open 6:30 AM- 6:30 PM
625 S. 8th Ave.
Brighton, Co 80601


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Full day Kindergarten- 3rd is located at
801 S. 5th ave
Brighton, Co 80601

Our program is based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, and focuses on individual child achievement and success. Here at FirStart, we then incorporate the arts into our everyday learning experiences to provide your child with an optimal learning experience.

First/Second grade and Third/Fourth grade uses the McGraw Hill curriculum for math and language arts.

For our K-3 classes we are "stepping things up" and offering:

*Core Knowledge program as we work towards CK accreditation
*Monthly educationally based field trips including trips to the local library
*S.T.E.M program (focusing on science, technology, engineering and math)
*And...Focusing on the ARTS OF COURSE!!!
*Physical Education classes.
*Music Instruction

*Certified teachers
*Before and After school care as well as drop in care for most holidays and most school closures so parents can work as needed
*Enrichment program that includes Bible lessons and 2nd language
*Offering K-3rd next 2018-2019 year
*Offering a volunteer discount! 


We do constant assessments of the children to determine our goal setting, lesson planning, and program evaluation. We will schedule 1-2 parent-teacher conferences with you throughout the year to provide you with information regarding your child’s progress and to hear from you regarding your thoughts and concerns.

Christian/Moral focus
Children will attend Bible class each week where children will learn Bible stories and basic Christian values. Every month we will also focus on a moral theme for the children to learn (for example, truth, kindness, patience, perseverance etc..)

Manners/Social skills
We will use every day moments as learning opportunities to teach and to reinforce basic social skills and good manners, we also believe and expect that all adults should model these skills for children.