General Information
October 14th
Both buildings are closed for a Teacher In-service day. 

October 15th -18th 
We are available for parent/teacher conferences. Please let your child's teacher know if you would like to schedule an appointment.

November 4,5 PICTURE DAY!!
Please watch for picture day forms in the next couple of weeks. We will be including some fun Christmas gift options for you as well so be sure to watch for more information to come!

Afternoon camps and activities (Both buildings)-
   This week we played the limbo, we made slime and learned about Picassos blue period by mixing as many shades of blue as we could and creating a blue painting. We celebrated National Poetry Day! Preschool enjoyed the poetry we found in nursery rhymes and got to act them out. Our school-agers created their own magazine inspired poems by cutting out powerful, fun and creative words and then we arranged them to create fun poetry.
Preschool Section
Preschool Enrichment
 Music- We listened to various types of music this week including opera, Japanese, classical, hip-hop, bluegrass, rock, jazz, and reggae. The kids were given scarves and moved to how the music made them feel.
  Movement- We played blow soccer with straws and little balls.
  Spanish- We made a mini-book called Fun At The Playground and focused on learning the words down (Bajo), in (Entro), out (Salgo), up (Subo).
   Bible- We read the story about David protecting his sheep from the dangerous lions and bears and we made bear masks.
   Movement- We practiced throwing and catching frisbees. 
**Preschool- Next week for our Spanish class on Wednesday, we invite all preschoolers at our 625 S. 5th location to bring a stuffed animal that could be a pet. We will learn the names of various pets in Spanish and would like to do a show and tell and let the kids tell us all about their stuffed animal pet.
Ms. Emylee's Little Mozarts (M/W/F 9-12 class)
   Happy Friday!
   This week we had lots of storytime fun! We read "Brown Bear Brown Bear" and made our own Brown Bear books. We read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" and worked on identifying the first letter of our name, counting how many letters are in our name and working to remember how to spell our names. 
    Today we read the "Hungry Caterpillar" and did a sequencing activity. This week we worked on the letter Ff and the number 6. 
    We have a new set of Core Knowledge skills that we will be working on this month. I have posted those on our classroom bulletin board for your review.
    We will have parent-teacher conferences from October 15-18 so please let me know if you would like to set up a time to meet. Please remember we are closed on Monday, October 14th.  
   Have a beautiful weekend!
   Ms. Emylee
Ms. Shantel's Little Monets
This week in Monets we had so much fun reading all sorts different Bill Martin books. Some titles include Brown Bear Brown Bear, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom as well as Baby Bear Baby Bear. All of our activities and crafts were theme-based with one of our books. Check out our bulletin boards for some of our artwork.
This week we started learning about letter Cc, the color yellow and the shape rectangle. We will continue with these next week as well. All of our work for the week that we have completed can be found in your kiddo's work to go home folder.
We concentrated on some fine motor skills this week with beading, lacing, and play-doh manipulation. Continue these activities at home as well as coloring and tracing.
Reminder we are closed for a teacher in-service day on Monday 10/14. We will also have parent-teacher conferences that week 10/15-10/18 Tuesday through Friday. Most days I’m available from 3 pm-6 pm for a 30-minute time slot. Please sign up for one of those times on the sign-in/out clipboard. If those don’t work for you please send me a text to schedule a time that does work for you.
Thank you for another wonderful week with your littles. They bring me so much joy and love. I’m so blessed to be their teacher. Have a great weekend.
Ms. Shantel, Ms. Sarah, and Ms. Adriana
Ms. Alayna's Little Earharts
This week the Earhart’s learned about the letter F, Number 6, the color green, and the shape oval. We reviewed the letters in our name and other letters we’ve learned so far by reading “Chicka Chicka Boom” by Bill Martin Jr. Next week we move onto letter G, number 7, the color blue and a review on squares. We will continue our Bill Martin Jr. theme by reading “Brown Bear Brown Bear.” Along with this theme, we will play “going on a Bear Hunt” and learning to identify spatial  words “over, under, through, and around.” 
We are happy to welcome our new friend Grayson! 
Please remember to keep a water bottle with first and last name on it at school for the week. Have a great weekend. 
Ms. Alayna

Ms. Gina's Little Shakespeareans
    Thank you so much for all your help with our homework reading logs. October is National Read A Book Month so all month we will continue having the reading log as homework. We get to start two reading programs at school through the Pizza Hut reading program and also our public library. Hopefully, this is a fun way to encourage a love for reading. We already have sight words to find as we read.
    For Letters and Sounds, we will learn about my favorite letter....the letter G. In math we are working hard on many Core Knowledge skills. We will classify items by color and shape. We will compare two groups, work on creating patterns and our understanding of numbers.
    In Science, we are to care for, observe and record observations of an animal.
    Our Storybook skill is to learn to re-tell a story that has been read aloud.
    Today we were so excited to have a very special friend visit! We had a dentist come and help us understand how to care for our teeth! Today we also had fun celebrating Taco Day!
    Our weekend homework is to begin creating our family trees. Please make sure to discuss the names of your family members with your child. 
     This week we were happy to welcome Josie and Barrett to our class!
    Thank you again for all your help with homework and special days. Thank you for remembering to bring jackets as well as we have an 8:00 recess in the morning.
    Please always feel free to reach out to me if you ever have any questions.
     Ms. Gina and Ms. Shannon
School-age Section
Monday Enrichment
  Bible- We read the story of the young shepherd boy named David and how he protected his sheep from bears and lions and we made bear masks.
  Tech time- We continue to play educational games on
  Spanish- We made a mini-book called Fun At The Playground and focused on learning the words down (Bajo), in (Entro), out (Salgo), up (Subo).
   Music- This week we played Pin the Note on the Staff to see if we could identify the names of various notes as they were placed on the lines and spaces of the staff.
   STEM- We made paper plate sundials.
Mrs. Fink's K/1
Here is the website info to Ms. Sabrina's class--->
(Writing, Reading, Phonics)

This week in our Reading and Writing block, the kiddos have been introduced to non-fiction and fiction books about apples.  They have received a very quick introduction to inference through some fun books.  This is a big idea that will be touched on throughout the year. We have been read some fun books like I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen, This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen.  Both are great books if you haven't read them yet, do! This week as stated before our theme was apples.  To carry on with this we will start a mini-unit and learn about Johnny Appleseed and I have some yummy lessons planned for us, so stay tuned!

Social Studies

We have wrapped up our Good Citizen Unit with a yummy treat.  Together we created a Friendship Salad and each kiddo contributed by adding an ingredient.  Each fruit represented something positive that we want to find in our kind classroom (i.e. marshmallows represented good choices, pineapple represented hard work, peaches represented kind words, etc.). We talked about how poor choices, etc. can have a negative impact on how our class treats each other.  Our next unit will be Now and Then and we will be learning about the past.


We finished our Sense unit and will be taking a break from science for a minute and instead will be working on a Kindness Unit.  


The kiddos have been fun exploring patterns.  Next week we will work on our numbers.
Mrs. Yanish's 2nd-3rd-grade classes
Here is a link to Ms. Yanish's classroom website------>

A few reminders...

October 1st - Reading Competition begins (look for more information and a reading log in Weekly Folders)
October 14th - School closed (teacher in-service day)
October 15th-18th - Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 18th - Field trip to Miller Farms
October 31st - Halloween Celebration in class (activities scheduled throughout the day)


 *Please remember Mondays are counted as regular school days.  The enrichment activities that take place on Mondays are super important!


Please stop by at any time to see some of our work!  This is only a small snippet of what we do each day.

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