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Weekly Reminders
July 8th
free lunch from 11-2.

July 11th
Walk to Carmichael park for some sports fun! Feel free to bring an item to play with to the park.

Visit the gym at the Rec Center from 9-12. Please bring a disposable sack lunch, wear good gym shoes and Ms. Shantel’s and Ms. Alayna’s classes all need car seats labeled with your child’s name.

July 12th
Walk to field day at our 801 S. 5th location from 10-12.
Please bring a disposable sack lunch.
School-age will enjoy field day from 1-3

July 15th
Both Schools
Today kicks off VBS week from 9-11 everyday at both schools!
Today both schools will have Crazy Hair day!

July 16th
Both schools
will have backwards day!

July 17th
Both schools
Hero Vs. Villain day. Dress up as your favorite hero or villain!

July 18th
Both schools
Tacky tourist day! Dress up like a tourist
Brighton pool from 12-3. Please bring a disposable sack lunch and a suit and a towel.

July 19th
Both schools
PJ day!

Camps and Enrichment activities for BOTH schools-

July 1st-July 5th
Monday we created pretend road trips and even created our own vacation photographs. We also played a memory road trip game.
Tuesday we created all American forts and made apple pies!
Wednesday- Thank you for bringing in items for our all American Hawaiian Luau! We had so much celebrating and getting ready for the holiday! We also had fun chillin' and watching Lilo and Stitch!
Friday- Today we LOVED our yummy, gooey, melty ice cream sandwiches and had fun making a red, white and blue pop rock goop!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun filled 4th!!
This week made some cute 4th of July crafts as we learned about American history. We played some learning games and did a science project together. We had so much fun at our Luau, thank you to everyone who brought something to contribute.
Next week we will have a field trip to the Rec Center on Thursday, please remember to bring a disposable lunch, running shoes, green shirt and a car seat. Then another field trip on Friday but this will be a walking one to the school age building. Please still bring a disposable lunch, running shoes and green shirt.
Blessings, enjoy your weekend!!
Ms Shantel, Ms Sarah and Ms Adriana
This week we celebrated America by learning about American History. We learned about the Declaration of Independence, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. We made finger print American flags and Lincoln Log houses. Next week we will be studying sports. Wear your favorite sports team and bring in your favorite sport materials. Please read messages on the clip board everyday. Have a great weekend! 
Ms. Alayna and Ms. Sarah 

   We had such a fun week learning about American history and enjoying Colorado's beautiful summer weather.
   Next week we will kick off the Sports fun week by walking to the school-age building to play baseball/t-ball skills. If you have Rockies or other baseball t-shirts, feel free to wear them on Monday!
   Tuesday we will work on our soccer skills. 
   Wednesday we will enjoy water day! Please bring a suit and a towel.
   Thursday we will have a field trip to the gym at the Brighton Rec Center. Please wear comfy gym shoes and bring a disposable sack lunch.
   Friday we are having a fun field day at the School-age building. Please bring a disposable sack lunch.
   I am working on getting a hip hop instructor to come to FirstArt to give our little hip hop kiddos some dancing fun!
   Thank you Thank you for all your wonderful help this summer with everything from field trip preparations to our Hawaiian potluck. We sure appreciate our parents!
   Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend!
   Ms. Gina and Ms. Shannon
   This week we enjoyed learning a few fun facts about American history and played a great American road trip add-on memory game. We played a ping pong game, played capture the flag, made patriotic slime, had an all-American Luau, played pin the hat on Uncle Sam, went to the Colorado History Museum, Carmichael park and had water gun races with a plastic cup on a string.
    Have a great weekend!
    School-age staff

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