Family fun
Don't forget to check out the activity calendar at the end of every newsletter! There are tons of great activities to do with children of all ages!!
Next week...
We would like every kiddo to bring an art canvas with them to use for a project for our art show. If your child is a school-ager who does Monday drop in care with us, they will need a canvas as well as every preschooler. Thanks so much! We are getting excited for you to see our art show on April 5th.
School Closures
Monday, February 18th This coming Monday, Presidents Day, both schools are closed, no drop in care is available.
Friday, March 29th--In Service Day...both schools are closed, no drop in care is available.
Monday March 25-Friday March 29th No school for K-6th or for Ms. Emylee's PT Pre-K Little Mozarts. Drop in for K-6th is available on March 25, 26, 27 and 28th.
Friday, April 19th--Good Friday...Both schools are closed, no drop in care is available.
Upcoming Events
Our art show will be on April 5 from 3-6 at both buildings! Please invite friends and family to attend this open-house event and be sure to visit both buildings. We have some great surprises in store for everyone!!
We will also have a spring program scheduled for May 3rd!. Watch for more information to come!

Our Art show will be on April 5th! It is an open house event from 3-6 and you, family and friends can stop by anytime at BOTH school locations to check out all the amazing art creations your children are working on! Visit the preschool at 625 S. 8th ave and the School-age building at 801 S. 5th!
We are in need of some miscellaneous supplies to make these amazing art projects a reality! We are looking for any variety of miscellaneous items that you  may have laying around your house. For just a small sample we could use:
puzzle pieces            screws/bolts            beads            plastic lids            scrap wood blocks    
paper clips                Legos                        feathers        pvc pipe pieces    Christmas wrapping paper
cardboard pieces      styrofoam                straws            bottle caps            foam shapes
toilet paper rolls        coffee cans              sequins         rubber bands        camera roll canisters
etc... If you have it laying around your house, we can probably use it!! We even need smooth round stones and fabric scraps.  We appreciate all donations!
Thank you!
      Attached are our summer calendars! Please know that a couple of the field trips may change and we may also add 1 or two more field trips as well. We will let you know if we make any changes. 
    Please note that there are two calendars. One is for our preschool location and the other school-age calendar is for kiddos at our k-5th location. Be sure you print off the correct calendar for your child:)
     In the next week or two we will have the summer packet available for you so you may begin signing the permission forms for each field trip. Once signed please return the packet to us. Your child will then be all set to go for an amazing summer! 
     Please note that although we will have tons of fun this summer (as you can see on the calendar) we will also continue learning as well! Talk to your child’s teacher about the continued education they will receive throughout the summer.
     Tuition preschool rates stay the same until our yearly increase in mid June. School-age rates will be $31/day. Please remember each child needs a set weekly schedule and rates are charged per that set schedule.
Mini School Supply list
We are sending out a mid year supply list...please bring in items to your child's teacher.
Preschool- 1 of the following: magnetic letters, pom poms, pipe cleaners, beads, any craft item..etc..., 1 pack of markers or glue, 2 packs of copy paper
Kindergarten-Markers, glue sticks, 2 packs of copy paper
1st/2nd- Markers, colored pencils, crayons and 1 pack of copy paper
3rd-6th- Markers, glue sticks or a bottle and 2 packs of copy paper

Preschool Section
Lunches/Afternoon snacks
Please remember to pack a little something extra for our afternoon snacks. Our kiddos seems to be growing and some of them are running out of lunch items and do not have anything for their afternoon snack. Thank you for packing them an extra healthy item for the afternoon :)
Thank you!
Afternoon camps and Activities
Monday- what happens to candy hearts in various liquids. Kids experimented using water, vinegar, soda water, corn syrup and liquid soap. Do the candy hearts float? What is the rate in which they dissolve?

Tuesday- We made boats out of foil and worked to create a boat strong enough to hold as many candy hearts as possible.

Wednesday- We played a tag game using candy Kisses.
Thursday- We made silly heart puppets out of paper hearts and Popsicle stocks. 
Friday-Today we cleaned our rooms and played musical hearts.  We are all closed Monday the 18th!
Happy Friday!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day.  This week was filled with love & being kind to one another as we celebrated Valentine's week in pre-k enrichment.  Tuesday we played "catch my heart" and we practiced saying nice things to each other.  Wednesday we danced and sang to Valentine's boom chicka boom.  Thursday we made it rain hearts with the parachute as we celebrated Valentine's day!  Today for Spanish we went went over our months and played a matching game.  We had lots of fun this Valentine's week.  I hope everyone has a wonderful 3 day weekend. 


Ms. Emylee's Little Mozarts
Yay for Fridays!! 
This week we worked on the letter R and our number review! One of our skills this month is that the kiddos be able to write letters 1-6 and we are so close!! We had a fun week celebrating Valentines and made the hall so pretty with all of our art work! Friday we had a great time passing out Valentines and eating lots of yummy snacks! This week we worked on a lot of art show projects since it is quickly approaching. We do have one more big project that we will need supplies for so keep your eyes out for a list!  We have got our opposites down and did an obstacle course on Monday by following arrows around the room. Both of which are skills for this month. We added 2 sight words to our list: "he" and "she"! 
Next week we may do another week of number review and the letter Ss and our theme is fairytales! So fun! 
Have a great weekend! 
Ms. Shantels Little Monets
We had an amazing week of love! We talked about kindness and learned how to give compliments and say thank you afterwards. We prayed together and worked in showing kindness all week. I absolutely loved all the valentine crafts and activities all week. We painted hearts with cookie cutters, made Cupid straw arrows, made love bug caterpillars and so much more. We were able to pass out our valentine cards and goodies to all our friends and finished up our Valentine’s Day with a Veggietales movie about love and God’s love. Thank you all for all the amazing and thoughtful gifts, we are blessed to be so loved. 
We learned about letter Pp this week and continue to review and master all other core knowledge skills we’ve learned so far. We’re working hard on numeral association and played a numbers game with Hershey’s kisses, and got to eat one at the end. Continue to work on independent dressing and fine motor skills at home. 
Enjoy your long weekend. Blessings! 
Ms Shantel, Ms Adriana and Ms Sarah 
Ms. Alayna's Little Earharts
Here’s what Earhart’s did this week: introduced letter Pp and it’s beginning sound, reviewed letters Ll-Oo and their beginning sounds, counted quantities up to 6 and identified numbers 1-6. We also learned about Presidents of the United States and how they serve us. Students are working very hard at stating their full name and remembering their birthday months, so please review that with them. 
Here’s what’s on the agenda next week: Introduce letter Qq and it’s beginning sound and practice counting quantities of 5-10. We will be spending a lot of time next week doing our art pieces for our upcoming art show. We will also begin combining letters to make words. 
Please remember that we have lots of new friends, and with new friends comes less cubby space. Be modest about the size and the amount of items your child brings to school. Thanks and have a great 3 day weekend! 
Ms. Alayna and Miss Melody 

Ms. Gina's Little Shakespeareans
Dear parents
We love getting ready for Kindergarten! We are working hard on our CK skills and mare making sure that we have all the skills we need to enter Kindergarten with confidence.
   With Letters and Sounds we are learning the letter Tt. We make sure to cover different learning styles as we learn the letters of the alphabet. Therefore we read it, eat it, draw it and make it!
   In math we are working on numbers 0-100. For CK math we are alternating patterns of one property and we are also working on two color patterns.
   Every morning we work on calendar skills that help us understand the days of the week, the months, seasons, holidays, birthdays, weekends, and different ways to understand and use temporal words. This month we are arranging photos and/or drawings of one's own family to represent a family tree that shows a minimum of 3 generations.
   In science we are classifying animals according to the habitat or environment in which they generally live.
   Thank you for all your help with literacy skills. Everyday you have your Shakespearean help you pack their lunch and add healthy food items that start with the letter of the week. These foods spark great conversations for us and leads to learning!
    This month we are reading the Princess and the Pea as we learn about story telling skills.
    Enjoy your long weekend!
    Ms. Gina, Ms. Shannon and Ms. Mallory
School-age Section
Afternoon Camps and Activities
Monday- what happens to candy hearts in various liquids. Kids experimented using water, vinegar, soda water, corn syrup and liquid soap. Do the candy hearts float? What is the rate in which they dissolve?

Tuesday- We made boats out of foil and worked to create a boat strong enough to hold as many candy hearts as possible.

Wednesday- We played a tag game using candy Kisses.
Thursday- We made silly heart puppets out of paper hearts and Popsicle stocks. 
Friday-No school-age today!  We are also closed Monday the 18th!
We had fun celebrating Valentine’s Day this week with all our activities! 

Math- we are working on simple addition and even subtraction! 

Writing- we had fun using writing prompts to be creative. We would read a story then try and guess at what was happening next through our writing. 

Reading- we are working on using all our skills to not just read but begin to be able to retell what we have read. 

Phonics- we have focused on both blends and the h brothers this week.

Literature- we worked on reading folk tales and fables! Fun! 

Thank you for everything who came to our parent teacher conferences! We appreciate your support! Also thank you for all the goodies this week! 

Have a great weekend! 

Mrs. Clark

1st/2nd Grade Mrs. Yanish’s Class
1st grade
We are slowly beginning to develop deeper questions related to our reading to support our higher-level thinking work.  We will also be working on more written response with this type of critical thinking, along with daily and/or weekly journaling to work on attention to detail.  Please encourage your child to read at home as much as possible. 
We will continue our work with place value and have added some stations to further support this work.  Last week, it was exciting to see a few things click for many of our students.  Please encourage your student to practice basic addition and subtraction facts with the materials that were sent home during conferences.  This will enable them to spend more time with difficult concepts instead of focusing so much on simple facts.
In addition to writing in response to reading, we will begin to talk about the organization of paragraphs and emphasize main idea.  Students will use graphic organizers to plan their writing for one paragraph.  We will use exemplars in the classroom.  At home, ask questions that focus on supporting details about the books or stories your child is reading.
Social Studies
We’ve only begun to touch on our new unit on Colonial America.  One of the main focuses for next week will be around Colonial American jobs and understanding the type of work that was required at that time.  This unit should last another week or two.
2nd grade
We will continue the work around fluency and vocabulary this week.  Students will also begin journaling more frequently and developing strong sentences to effectively explain their thinking in response to comprehension questions.  We will also continue working independently in chapter books and building strategies there.
Second graders are beginning a unit on estimation and time.  We are also building a collection with materials and strategies to continue practicing basic math facts and some other foundational skills.  This happens mostly during calendar and stations time, but you may see a few things coming home just as extra support.
In addition to writing in response to reading, we will begin to talk about the organization of paragraphs and emphasize topic and main idea for each paragraph.  Students will use graphic organizers to plan their writing.  Our goal is to create 2-3 paragraphs that highlight main ideas to support one topic.  We will use exemplars in the classroom.  At home, ask questions that focus on supporting details about the books or stories your child is reading.
Social Studies
We’ve only begun to touch on our new unit on Colonial America.  One of the main focuses for next week will be around Colonial American jobs and understanding the type of work that was required at that time.  This unit should last another week or two.
*Please know how much I appreciate your time and openness during conferences.  It is because of your amazing partnership and support that our students are thriving, and I am grateful for the enlightening conversations and encouragement! 
FirstArt families rock!  😊
 Mrs. Yanish
3rd-6th Grade
February 14, 2019
Dear Parents,
Our Valentine's party was really fun! Thank you to all the students for the love-ly gifts: the chocolate bars, mugs and pins! Thank-you to Gizelle's mom and dad for giving us some valentine's projects to do. Thank you to Destiny's grandparents for getting our pizza and treat! What a fun day we had! We miss Amoriah and keep her in our prayers!
Sage started our day off with a Bible thought to help us focus on Christ's love for us and our love for Him and what can come between that love. Lying can really “tie” us up!!!
IF the students have all of their work for the week done, we will have electronic ½ hour each Friday afternoon. If they are not done, they will not be able to play on their device instead, during that time, they will have a study hall to try to minimize homework over the weekend. Reminder: it will include their spelling boards and reading logs which are due each Friday. Please make sure their name is on the electronic device they bring. I do have a couple of Kindles for those who do not have devices. This will be for something in-house as they will not be able to go online during the time.
We are taking notes for our Social Studies test. The students are learning note-taking skills. They did well on their test. On Friday we will take another test on the Constitution using the outline method of note taking!
Our new Unit Study for Science is on Health. We are kicking off our study with a play about Just Saying NO to Drugs! Please encourage them to form the 8 Laws of Healthy Habits: Good Nutrition, Exercise, Drink Water, Daily Sunshine, Temperance, Fresh Air, Rest and Trust in God!
Please encourage the students to study their basic facts! Our next test is March 1st. Every class is now studying multiplication facts whether from the 3's, higher multiplication or using multiplication with decimals to beginning on division and dividing with decimals. It is all getting more challenging but that is why its important to know the basic math facts (+ - x / )!
In Spelling, we will have our next test in Lesson 24 on 2/21/19. Please continue to work on Spelling Board at home. I have more students doing spelling board weekly!
Keep reading and keeping track of it in your Reading Log.
Music Note test for piano students 2/19/19
Spelling Test Lesson 24 2/21/19
Social Studies Test The Constitution 2/22/19
Bible Memory Verse: Zachariah 4:6 2/22/19
2nd Book Report for February Book Report presentation 2/22/19
Math Facts Test Timed Test 3/1/19
1st Book Report for March Book Report Presentation 3/8/19
Art Expo Art Show 4/5/19
Thank you all for coming to parent/teacher conferences! I really appreciate all of my parents and am so grateful for the opportunity to teach your child.
In His Service for our Young People,
Ms. Carolyn Adams
“'Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,' says the LORD.” Zachariah 4:6
Family Fun

Calling all artists. Get started now on your entry for the  2018-2019 Federal Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Program and Art Contest. 
 Visit the past at Hiwan Heritage Park. Experience Colorado's pioneer history by packing a prairie schooner, making journey cake, learning in the 1876 Centennial School Room and shopping in the 1895 Bear Creek Mercantile.Please plan to arrive at 9:45 for check-in at the museum main entrance. Program cost is $2/participant; exact change or a check to EMAHS is appreciated.  Ages 6-12; families welcome.    Please call 720-497-7650 for more information or register at
CU lecture examines ancient Greek and Roman sanctuaries/  Troels Myrup Kristensen of Denmark’s Aarhaus University presents results from a recently completed five-year research project on “Ancient Mediterranean Pilgrimage” that investigated journeys to sanctuaries in modern Greece, Italy, and Turkey, from the Archaic to Late Antique periods. The lecture is Wednesday, February 13 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at CU Boulder in the Hale Science Building (Room 270).    Kristensen takes up the challenge of “connecting the dots” in the archaeology of ancient Greek and Roman sanctuaries that traditionally has focused on buildings and monuments as singular, isolated units.   He will explore how movement within a sanctuary shaped the experience of a pilgrim and how new approaches to space may help us to identity patterns of movement as well as places of gathering within sanctuaries. The  the Hale Science Building. 1350 Pleasant Dr., Boulder.
Enter the 31st Annual Bookmark Contest for Tattered Cover. The annual bookmark contest asks children to create a colorful bookmark on the theme of reading. The winning entries are printed and distributed to customers during the course of the year.  
Brighton Employee Charities accepting scholarship applications.  The City of Brighton Employee Charities (BEC) is accepting applications for its college scholarship program. The BEC will award two $500 scholarships to qualifying high school seniors. The application deadline is Friday, March 29. 
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (Please provide documentation):
Transcript that applicant currently attends School District 27J and has at least a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
Letter of acceptance from a college, university, technical or vocational school.
Applicant may not be related to any BEC Committee Member.
Documentation of proven community service.
Letter of Recommendation from a Brighton community member (no relatives).
500 word essay on what positive community service means to them.
Applications may be found online, or at the front desk of Brighton City Hall. Completed applications may be sent to or delivered to the front desk of Brighton City Hall, 500 S. 4th Ave.
The BEC receives its funding from City employee contributions and community partner donations. 
For questions, please call Gail Ashley at 303-655-8744 or Sheryl Johnson at 303-655-2042.
Registration for Lakewood Heritage Days 2019 is open. Heritage Days are on May 1, 2 or 3 is a fun and educational living history experience designed for elementary-age students. $8 per student, 9:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.  Please use the Reservation Form to register.    You can find more info at
Kids N Canvas Paint Party at the Brighton Rec Center  Weds February 13th.   It's a Party for Kids, ages 6-13, where we will paint on 11x14 canvas to create an awesome piece of artwork by following step by step instructions from a Gallery Guide! All supplies included. Customizable with your favorite colors. Kids take their finished artwork home with them after class. Space is limited, Sign up required!
Save the date for Little Shop of Physics Open house. Free and open to the public. Hands-On Science Fun for All Ages. With over 300 experiments, the million volt Tesla Coil, science partners and presentations! For our 28th Anniversary we are lucky to be joined by some awesome students and science partners from Colorado State University and beyond. Please spread the word and help make this year's Open House the biggest and best ever! Colorado State University Lory Student Center February 23, 2019 from 10am to 4pm For maps, schedules and the most up to date information, please visit our website. a great week!

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