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Afternoon camps and activities (Both buildings)-
This week we did a candy corn relay, we made our own STEM-based spider webs using only paper plates, scissors, and string. We made our own version of a Picasso inspired guitar collage and we today we will do a leaf-blower race.

Preschool Section
Preschool Field Trip 
1. We currently have permission forms on each clipboard for a field trip to Anderson farms for this Wednesday, October 23. 
    Please verify if you are able to drive to the field trip or not.
2. Please have your child here by 9:00 so we can leave by 9:15. If you are not here by 9:15 you will be left and there is no alternate care 
    provided. We will return by 1:00
3. Every child needs to have a car-seat EXCEPT for Ms. Gina's class ONLY. Ms. Gina's class will ride on the bus so no car-seats are needed.
4. We are asking that each child also bring a disposable sack lunch although we may end up eating at the school to save time while we are on 
    the field trip.
5. Please monitor the weather report and ensure that your child is dressed appropriately. If it has been raining in the days BEFORE the field 
     trip, the field will be muddy and appropriate shoes will be necessary. 
6. The cost is $10.50 per child and per adult. Your account will be charged accordingly.
Preschool Enrichment
  Movement- We worked on our balancing skills by putting tape on the floor (as if it were a balance beam) and practiced walking forward, backward and sideways on the tape. This is one of our Core Knowledge skills.
  Spanish- This week we learned how to say various weather-related words in Spanish. 
  Bible- We made "I am a child of God" crowns and learned that Jesus takes care of us.
  Movement- We worked on another Core Knowledge skill which is to learn how to follow the directions to simple childhood games. We, therefore, learned to play Farmer in the Dell, London Bridges, and Mother May I?
Ms. Emylee's Little Mozarts (M/W/F 9-12 class)
  Happy Friday!
   We had a short week due to our teacher in-service day on Monday but it was still a great week.
   This week and next week we are reading Pete the Cat. We are talking about patterns and color mixing. We are continuing the alphabet with the letter Hh this week and the letter Ii next week. We will have another review week coming up soon. We have been learning the days of the week, the months of the year and various holidays. This coming week, we will begin to memorize our birthdays.
   Next week on Wednesday we will be hading to the pumpkin patch. Woo Hoo! Please dress appropriately.
   We are starting Favorite-Book and Show-N-Tell Fridays. (Both will be on Fridays.) Please look for your child.s name on the weekly board so you will know when your Favorite Book day and when your show and tell day will be.
   Have a great weekend,
Ms. Shantel's Little Monets
    We had another great week here in the Monets classroom. We started this week with the letter Dd, the color orange and the shape triangle. We will continue with these next week as well.
Next week we will be going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday. Please make sure to sign the permission form. I will leave a list of items needed for the day on our communications door please take some time to read through it.
For our bible lesson next week we will be learning about the story of Jonah. To wrap up the story we will be watching a Veggie Tales movie about Jonah and the Whale. Along with our movie we will do pajama day with it. Please sign for permission for your child to watch the movie.
Thank you for all of your support for those who were able to schedule a time to sit down and have a parent-teacher conference. If you were not able to do so feel free to text me if you have any questions or concerns.
Have a great weekend!!

Blessings and love,
Ms. Shantel, Ms. Adriana and Ms. Sarah

Ms. Alayna's Little Earharts
    This week the Earhart’s studied the letter H, the number 8, the shape triangle, and the color purple. We did many H is for Halloween activities as well as triangle art after reading a series of “Pete the Cat” books. We also practiced naming our body parts in Spanish and discussing what we think God wants from us. As a class, we decided that God wants us to be kind and ask for forgiveness when we are not! 
   Thank you to Ms. Sarah for being my replacement while I am away from my beloved class! I will return on Wednesday. I am taking a trip to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary and also visit my brother and sister in law who are also expecting a baby in the next few weeks! 
   Remember, no homework folders next week. 
   Next week we move onto letter I, number 9, rectangles and the color pink. 
   Don’t forget to wear pink on Wednesday! Have a great weekend Earhart families!
Ms. Alayna and Ms. Sarah
Ms. Gina's Little Shakespeareans
  We had the best two weeks in our class! As a letter H hooray, we had a PJ, popcorn and Pizza party! This month we reviewed September skills and will get to know October skills as well. We will begin to work on some basic sight words, number bingo, patterns, homework, some social studies lessons and the Fruits of the Spirit. We will also continue to practice writing our names correctly. Whew!! With so much to do, we were our Hooray for H party break!
   Next week we will begin working on the letter Ii. 
   In our Core Knowledge social skills, we are working on interrupting a conversation between two people politely. 
   Our movement and coordination skill activity is to walk forward and backward while maintaining balance on a balance beam.
   Language skills are to point to and understand such words as any-some, all-none, more-less, most-least, many-few, equal, and numbers one-ten. 
   Our storybook reasoning skills are to re-tell a story that has been read aloud.
   Our literacy skill is to practice drawing horizontal and vertical lines.
   Mathematical reasoning is to learn to classify two groups of objects by color and shape.
   Orientation in time skills is to be able to identify and name the days of the week, the months of the year and holidays.
   Talking about special days....starting Monday our class is starting a spirit week as we prepare for Halloween! I will have the special days on our weekly planner in each child's parent folder. I will also write each special day and event on our dry erase board by our door.
   Monday October 21- Crazy sock day.
   Tuesday October 22- Cowboy/ cowgirl day
   Wednesday October 23- our field trip to the pumpkin patch! Please wear your green FirstArt shirt!
   Thursday October 24- Wear black day for Black Cat Day
   Friday October 25- School pride-wear your FirstArt shirt.
      Our Field trip to Anderson Farms is Wednesday! Please pack a disposable sack lunch. Don't forget to wear your green FirstArt Field Trip Shirt.
   Thank you so much for all your help with our reading homework!
   Ms. Gina and Ms. Shannon
School-age Section

Mrs. Fink's K/1
Here is the website info to Ms. Sabrina's class---> mssabrina.educatorpages.com
   (Writing, Reading, Phonics)

In reading, we are moving on to Unit 2 Week one.  The theme is The Three Little Pigs, the essential questions are: How can you retell the story using the characters in the story? and How would you defeat the wolf?, "I can..." statements are: I can retell the story using the characters.  I can state how I would defeat the wolf, and this unit is focusing on characters and retell.  At home, as you read with your kiddo talk them about the characters in the book and ask them about what happened using vocabulary like, characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end.  Don't forget to read 15 minutes at least 5 days a week with your kiddo and keep track!  If the kiddos reach the goal Mrs. Yanish and I will be very messy!

In writing, I will be giving them writing folders to keep their work safe and all in one place.  We will be talking about how we can add to our stories.  We will be using The Three Little Pigs as our inspiration.

Social Studies

We continue to peek into the past.  During this last week, we talked about how they use to live, travel, and what they did a long time ago.  It blew the kid's mind that there wasn't electricity.  Next week we have a craft we will complete and will talk about chores......mwah haha.  This will be fun.  I have scheduled a traveling trunk for us on Oct. 29th.  The Four Mile Historical Park will be coming to our school to talk about the old homesteads.  We will also make butter at the end of the month.  I will bring bread so we can try our product. 

Character Development

Kindness is done and we are moving on to Self-Control.  This unit really focuses on emotions and how we handle them.  I really think this is important for this age group.  So hopefully we will learn some helpful tools on how we deal with some of the big emotions we have sometimes.

MathWe are working on the numbers 0-5.  Mainly we will be focusing on writing the numbers.  We have been playing a fun game of fine the number around the room.  I tell them a number and they can go get something from around the room and bring it back to the rug.  So if I say "Five", they can go get 5 crayons and bring them back to me and I say, "Show me what you got!", and they count the items to me.  Try playing it at home. It gets pretty silly.  I love hearing them laugh.
Mrs. Yanish's 2nd-3rd-grade classes
Here is the website info to Ms. Yanish's classroom website------> http://lyanish.educatorpages.com


We are busy working on designing our own story using the fictional reading from our groups.  We will attach this skill to the work we're doing during our writing time in the afternoons.  As a class, we've been making great gains with certain skills that allow us to read more challenging texts, and so our leveled readers have been traded out frequently.  We read these independently and/or with the teacher to practice various skills and keep us working at our potential.  We will shift our focus to nonfiction within the next week or two.


You may have noticed some practice folders coming home completed or partially completed.  These are to practice and gain exposure to the necessary skills and what we call "real-world application".  Some of these skills are simple while others are beyond grade-level, but all support the work we do as a class and within the instructional lessons.

Third graders have been stretched lately and are working with word problems, multiplication, fractions, and division.  Second graders are stretching the limits as well and have worked with money that is somewhat above grade level as well as a few concepts around measuring and place value.  Group lessons are developing more strategies to become more efficient with subtraction and understanding its relationship with addition.


We are continuing to use our daily packets to work on different spelling concepts and mechanics.  You will see these packets come home every two weeks or so.  

We've just begun to plan for our fiction stories.  Ask your kiddo about their character and setting!  We'll continue to practice organizing and brainstorming ideas for each element before writing out sentences and building sequences to our story.  We are also continuing the weekly prompts that allow us to work on vocabulary, basic writing skills, and stamina.

Social Studies

We've been working for a few weeks on continents and understanding a few mapping concepts that help us locate major parts of our world.  We will wrap this up at the end of this week and return to science until December.


We've enjoyed creating some art projects that go with the fall season and the upcoming holidays.  I hope to inspire and encourage the creative side of each student!